2021 | A snapshot of key achievements


Rich and inspiring: this is how we would describe 2021. With a wealth of information on the transition towards a plant-based diet, projects galore, and actions aimed at protecting our health and that of the planet, this year was full of inspiring initiatives and high-impact partnerships

2021: an inspiring and impactful year

To pursue our mission, we act 365 days a year. That’s why every year we set up new projects and high-impact partnerships. All our initiatives have the same goal: to inspire the transition to a more plant-based diet for the well-being of humans and the planet. This video gives an overview of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s initiatives in 2021.


Actions that count

Each of our communication channels addresses a specific challenge related to the Foundation’s mission. The foundation-louisbonduelle.org website, now available in 8 languages, raises awareness and informs readers. It has an average of 2 million visitors per year and is regularly updated with news, materials and articles on current topics.

We know, however, that we have set ourselves a very ambitious goal, and that we cannot achieve it alone. For this reason, we have launched a partnership with the ANCA Chair (Aliment Nutrition Comportement Alimentaire). Created in 2010 as a partnership chair of the AgroParisTech training and research school, it aims to understand and guide the eating habits of 18-35-year-olds towards more sustainable diets. Watch the video with Chantal Monvois, General Delegate of the AgroParisTech Foundation and member of the Board of Directors of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation. 

Call for projects: winners who make a difference 

The call for projects is one of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s main drivers for action. By launching calls for projects, we aim to support actors on the ground. Initiatives within the community can make a difference by responding to a local problem. Here is an overview of the 2021 winners who work to increase access to plant-based food.


La Tablée des Chefs aims to feed families in need and to develop culinary education for youngsters. The project has launched two educational programmes in France: workshops with volunteer chefs in colleges and hostels, aimed at promoting food autonomy among young adults; and the Culinary Brigades.


Summerlunch+ is an education programme organised during the summer months. It aims to give children the culinary skills to eat better. The programme takes into account cultural expectations of participants and puts plant-based food at the heart of meals in order to meet the nutritional needs of children as well as the needs of the planet.


Les Urbainculteurs is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of urban agriculture. One of their projects that impressed the jury is a farm with a social and educational focus. Les jardins du bassin Louise is a lively and green public space that provides vegetables for food banks.


The goal of the Food Literacy Center is to inspire children to eat their vegetables. Through this programme, children learn to love vegetables and to taste new things. As a result, 95% of the children who participate taste new foods without being afraid.


Recup is a project that fights against food waste and social exclusion. At local markets in Milan, volunteers collect unsold food from sellers and distribute it further down the line – a high-impact project that has been running for five years.