Call for projects: give everyone access to vegetables

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation and Québec En Forme are working towards sustainable development in eating habits. They have launched a mission to give everyone access to vegetables with a new call for projects.

In 2017, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation and Québec En Forme joined forces in an annual call for projects. The two organisations might have different names, but their objectives are the same: ensuring access to vegetables for all citizens all year round and improving local food systems.
It is a challenge that involves many different fields, including urban farming and permaculture as well as the battle against food waste. Some promising and ingenious projects that tackle the challenge in everyday life have already applied for funding. Below are a few examples.

Projects supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation

The latest call for projects by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, entitled “Vegetables for everyone: an alternative approach to production and supply”, was launched at the beginning of December 2017. The projects studied focused on two main themes: the first was gardens, including urban farms, urban gardens and community vegetable gardens, and the second was the battle against food waste. These trends, which emerged from the projects submitted, represent new concerns and behavioural changes in society.

The project by Via Sahel in Mali, called “Food balance at school canteen”, is one of the projects supported by the Foundation. The association has created a permanent canteen to distribute 600 meals a day and teach children from a school in Mali about market gardening, a balanced diet and enjoying vegetables throughout their nine years of education.

Several thousand kilometres away, in Bayonne in France, “Canned Together” targets food waste. This project has benefitted from funding to organize workshops at which people living in poverty make vegetable preserves using surpluses from Bayonne Food Bank. These workshops allow participants to develop their culinary skills, and they can also take food home.

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Projects supported by Québec En Forme

The 100° Community, initiated by Québec En Forme, has also launched a call for projects on the theme of “Alternative supply: fruit and vegetables, all year round, for everyone”.

Les Pouces d’Octave” is one of the projects selected. Focused on school and community partnerships, this project aims to improve daily access to fruit and vegetables, especially in winter and spring. The initiative is particularly aimed at citizens experiencing food insecurity.

To achieve its objective, the “Les Pouces d’Octave” association draws upon already existing community and educational work, such as a gardening centre, greenhouse and community garden.

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