Ever the Louis Bonduelle Foundation was created, it has made support for research into dietary habits a priority. After 17 years, we have decided to further enhance our commitment and to focus on the effectiveness of our activities. We are developing programmes, seminars and academic partnerships aimed at the positive impact and accessibility of plant-based food.

To understand the impact that our diet can have on our health, we must also look at culture, natural behaviours, accessibility and the specific environments in which we live. To positively change dietary behaviour, it is no longer enough to provide the right information. If we are to identify the right levers for action, we must not only encourage interdisciplinarity and show empathy, but also measure the impact of initiatives on the ground. With this in mind, in 2019, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation decided to redirect its scientific research activities in such a manner. 



The Louis Bonduelle Research Award This award rewards young researchers under the age of 35, for their interdisciplinary research on food

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The ANCA Chair The ANCA Chair develops innovative actions on nutritional education, particularly for young people, and on social media.

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The Foundation’s research projects The Louis Bonduelle Foundation carries out its own research activities. EPICALIM, one of these studies, assessed the impact of children’s cooking workshops on their ability to cook.

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The Louis Bonduelle Conference Since 2008, the Foundation has regularly examined the state of scientific knowledge through its annual Louis Bonduelle Conference

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